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Featured in Edible Magazine

How exciting! The Spring issue of Edible East Bay has a featured story on our Market Cart. We're so excited to be included in this because we love Edible Magazine - even our first cart we used an Edible East Bay issue as the prop. Good foresight!

We first started reading Edible about 4 years ago after picking up a free copy at the Mountain View Farmers Market. It was a great publication and, small world, I knew one of the contributing writers, the now famous author of Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook, Coco Morante.

Fast forward a few years and when it came time to request cart feedback from market pros, Edible East Bay was one of the first groups I reached out to. The EEB Editor, Cheryl, expressed interest and was quick to help out by referring us to Peggy and Helen (see Temescal Market article). After Peggy's test run and (mostly!) positive experience, Cheryl asked if we'd be interested in a feature in the upcoming Spring issue due March 15th.

What an honor!

Truthfully, this timing was a total stretch. We were still making a lot of decisions, needing more time for product sourcing from multiple supplies, and our manufacturer was set to move facilities in March. Against all odds, I knew this was going to be a big opportunity, and I couldn't refuse.

Saying yes was a terrific motivation to get rolling and to move faster. We tweaked our sales strategy by offering a pre-order since the carts wouldn't be ready until April.

The author, Rachel, covered everything so well and even got a few quotes from early cart users at the Temescal Market. The interview included me totally rambling on about farmers markets, local food systems, and how consumers pandemic will hopefully shift back from convenience and delivery.

I wont spoil the whole story, go read it for yourself, but I do want to share this awesome quote from Andréa Pinal-Boca, program manager for the Urban Village Farmers Market Association, “I so appreciated such an innovative product specifically designed to promote farmers’ market shopping and all the ecological benefits that come with it."

Hooray! Now go read the article or grab a copy of the Spring issue at your local market.

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