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Avid farmers market shoppers and fresh foodies, we are constantly looking for new ways to make buying, storing, and cooking fresh foods easier and safer.

Harvest Made began as a small project to build a cart for our weekly farmers market.  The kids stroller, bulky wagons, and metal carts we tried weren't helping.  Trips to the market were cumbersome, we were constantly shuffling items around, and when we got home many of the fragile goods would be smooshed. Our arms were tired, hands numb, and we didn't even buy everything we wanted to do to lack of carry capacity. There simply wasn't a way to do what we wanted.

That's when we started drawing concepts and making prototypes in the garage.  Fellow shoppers and vendors at the market loved it! Every week the cart would get a little better, or more colorful, or sturdier, and the feedback kept coming.

"Did you build that"? "You should sell those!" "I'll buy one!"

So that's what we did.

To build the product, we knew it would be made locally and out of wood, even though there are no USA made wooden carts like this. That seemed like a challenge at first, but we found a talented team of designers and manufacturer in our own backyard eager to work on the cart.  We wrote about this in our Made in America and Building Prototype One stories.

Everyone in our early feedback group agreed:  If you're going to sell to farmers market shoppers, making something overseas and out of plastic is the opposite of buying local, farm fresh food.

And that's where we are.  And you are here too.  Be sure to Pre-order one of these incredibly original carts.

Ryan and Casey Crosbie