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Giving Forward

Businesses have a unique ability to make a positive impact because their time, money, and volunteer capacity is simply enormous. Our mission is to make a difference by encouraging fresh market shopping and supporting a local food system.  Additionally, through the sales of our products, we are planting trees in damaged ecosystems and providing meals to the hungry.  As we get going, we're joining forces with intrepid organizations who make it possible for small businesses like ours to make a big impact. 

Customers of Harvest Made are supporting local food systems and purchasing high-quality USA-made products that are transformed into positive change.

Why local food

If you have seen our carts and read our About page, you're aware that we love farmers markets.  They are places of community, quality, and convenience. But even more important is the value they provide in supporting robust local food systems. 

For the consumer, we firmly believe that food is best when grown locally, proceeds stay local by going directly to farmers, and every bite is as fresh and nutritious as possible. 

For farmers, especially small and family-run farms, selling locally is the best way to earn a living while also taking care of the land.  Farms that sell locally can grow without pesticides, waste less food, spend less on packaging, and receive more of each dollar spent on items than if it went through a modern food system.

Why Trees

Trees are an essential part of our world, and the main component of our products. We simply love them. And although the birch we use is harvested sustainably, that isn't true of all forests and trees around the world. Many are clear cut for farmland, pastureland, and housing development, leaving nearby areas void of life and exposed to natural disasters like drought and storms.

We are excited to help communities replant their forests and regrow a vital part of their ecosystem and are inspired by other companies who have made this their mission. 

The math is still an estimate here, so don't stake a claim on this.  But for every tree used to produce a cart (about 1/15 of one tree) 150 more are planted in its place through our tree planting proceeds.

Why Food

Hunger is an ongoing battle just about everywhere.  Thanks to the relentless TV ads when we were growing up, it's easy think of hunger as a third-world problem. But it's also an issue in our own communities.  Since our products are designed to help shop for fresh foods and contribute to a strong local food system, we also want to ensure our communities are healthy and have access to nutritious food. 

A portion of each product sold is donated to food banks through the Feeding America program.  

Carbon Offset

We are currently measuring the results of our manufacturing and shipping efforts in order to offset our impact.  Stay tuned.


We are just getting started, but we'll keep track of the progress and post regularly about the impact YOU have by supporting Harvest Made and our partner programs. Thank you.