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Made in America

A significant part of our business ethos is to make goods locally. Before we created the first real prototype, we knew the entire process was going to include sourcing materials locally, to be manufactured locally, and sold directly to customers or through independent retailers. Even if we didn't achieve it the first time, we would work to make that a reality.

As we are learning, this is easier said than done. The entire manufacturing process for consumer goods has shifted overseas. The skills, resources, and people are all in a few countries that manufacture nearly everything we buy and use.

For some products, that's okay. But not every item should default to overseas manufacturing. Why we believe this is a long conversation, but to put it in a few words it's a combination of high quality, low-impact, and nostalgia.


Production and labor standards in the US are very high. They have been for many years and continue to be. This of course leads to more expensive products, but we understand that. Buy less, spend a little more. A life with fewer goods that last a long time is better for the planet and our well-being.


The environmental impact of the 'stuff' we buy is real. We feel strongly that goods that can be made locally and of natural materials create a smaller footprint than those made of petroleum-based materials and shipped long distances before reaching consumers.


Nostalgia for American goods is more a feeling than a belief. We yearn for the time when people created with their hands, making goods they take pride in. That growth from artisan craftsmanship to small town factories is the embodiment of American ingenuity and determination to succeed. This was centuries in the making and created the America our grandparents knew and were proud of. Despite a manufacturing exodus for several decades, we are seeing a renaissance of American made goods in many industries.

Forward, not backward

Made in America is not a one-size-fits-all answer to manufacturing. It's important for all countries to specialize in certain goods and create sustainable industries and jobs for their citizens. What makes us excited about designing and manufacturing in America is not just a rebirth of something great, but a change in consumer preferences towards buying goods that are built-to-last and have a low environmental impact.

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